Loan Against Property

Why Loan Against Property?

Loan against property is the greatest alternative for individuals who own a piece of land and want to lend it to a bank in exchange for a decent loan. Loans against property offer a variety of possibilities that may appeal to you and give you with a favourable loan.

If you want a loan for your business or other personal projects and you own a property, you should talk to your bank about a loan against property. By pursuing this strategy, you will undoubtedly obtain the finest possible offer at the lowest possible interest rate. Surprisingly, you’ll obtain a greater loan amount and for a longer period of time, isn’t it?

Interest Rate

When it comes to a loan against property, different banks ask for varying interest rates. As a result, it is critical for borrowers to compare all available interest rates in order to obtain the most advantageous one. We are aware that interest rates fluctuate often based on bank policy, therefore we keep track of it on a regular basis. Even a little adjustment in the rate might have a significant impact on your EMI.

Simple Documentation

  • Copies of the sale deed
  • Parent document
  • encumbrance certificate

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